Privacy Policy


This privacy note is subjected to every individual, business or any entities interacting with our website or accessing services online. TOUIBA explains here on how we deal with every private information.

The information may get collated in various ways, as you access through the website. But the subjectivity to use of this information is limited only to this website and the described business. We gather information from clients during account creation, website access or through any modes of communication. With the due understanding of the privacy of information, we carefully collect, use and store these confidentially and also affirm the limited use within our database.

We collect information

We gather personal data in connection with access to the website, use of services, review submissions or via engagements through social media pages of TOUIBA.

Direct information from the customer

We store the information directly given by users. It includes:

• Personal information such as name, date of birth and gender
• Contact information such as e-mail address, contact numbers
• Demographic information such as location, postal address
• Financial information such as credit cards, debit cards
• Previous history
• Completed surveys, filled in forms, review submissions
• Consent given to send newsletters or any updates

Auto-collected information

Whenever our website is accessed by any, we automatically collect information from the browser and device such as IP address, actions taken on our services, browsing history on our page including viewed products, purchased products, etc.

Third-party information

We also retrieve information from third parties. When our website is accessed through social media platforms or any other third party sites, we get access to your personal information shared on that platform.

Use and disclosure of information

We work with the gathered information to:

    •  Fulfil a contract  
    •  Register for service  
    •  Process order 
    •  Participate in a contest
    •  Communicate with service via e-mail/call/SMS 
    •  Verify identity 
    •  Deal with legal claims or complaints on regulatory or investigative purpose  
    •  Send newsletters and promotional materials about products and services (Upon Consent only) 
    •  Use cookies and other tracking technologies (Upon consent)
    •  Conduct market research (Upon consent) 
    •  Fulfil the requests from government or law enforcement to conduct any sort of reliable investigation

Sharing personal data

We practice systematic data storage and access policy. We always seek prior consent from the users, whenever we share information with the third party like service providers, suppliers, partners, sponsors, agents, and representatives. We may share your data without consent on platforms like Facebook, Google, etc., to send the targeted advertisement. Upon any further merging or business acquisitions of our company, we may use the same database, as it is our asset. But in all cases, we strictly adhere to the privacy policy, confidentiality and security of your personal information. We retain personal data acquired in our database until we get a consent cancellation from the concerned person or authority.

You have the right to

        •        Access the information – You can ask a copy of your data with us and in any cases of refusal, we will update with details on it.
        •        Make corrections – You have the right to make any corrections or delete or restrict the information accumulated by us, just with an update request.
        •        Object the sharing of data to any third party except in the cases of fulfilling any requests, contractual obligations or in any kind of legitimate interest.

Withdrawal of consent

You can withdraw the given consent any time, and we strictly rely on your consent everywhere it is applicable. But in the areas including direct marketing, we rely on the legitimate interest of the company. Still, you have the complete right to stay away at any time. Using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our e-mails or by contacting us, you can opt-out to not receive any notifications or emails from us.

Security measures

TOUIBA follows systematic procedures and policies to maintain high-end data security and measures to prevent unauthorized access. We have implemented advanced technologies to avoid any discrepancies that may arise due to the disclosure of sensitive information in our database, and any technical abruptions causing the disclosures are inconsistent with this privacy note.


We use cookies to track and store essential information from users. With web browsing, users are given cookie preferences tools to provide or withdraw consent at any time. If you can’t access the cookie preference button, the help bar on the browser will do it. In case of accessing our services via the application, the guidelines in the settings will help to manage on accepting, declining or deleting cookies. Inactivation or declining the use of cookies may not grant you a better browsing experience with our website.

The cookies added to our web pages are aimed to:

          •        Track IP address, device and browser types and operating system used to access the website.
          •         Record the date and time, browsing history on the page
          •         Perform statistical and analytical researches
          •         Customize the browsing experience
          •         Use information for facilitating transactions
          •         Memorize, browsing language, log-in and for saving shopping cart content

Storage of Data

We possess a detailed database from various resources, to facilitate smooth operational efficiency. The data gathered are stored confidentially to manage for further business performances including the provision of the better customer relationship. We store every accumulated data from the users until:

          •        The account of the user is active
          •        The gathered data is required for the company
          •        The consent to use personal data is withdrawn by the user

Changes to the privacy policy

We may amend the privacy not subject to any up-gradation of the business nature, decision or any related facts or issues about the establishment. Users will remain informed via email notifications/SMS regarding every change of policies. We always request periodic access to the website or application to have updated information on privacy note.

Contact Us

We always advise our clients and well-wishers to get connected with us to have a fair understanding of our privacy note. Any discrepancies or misunderstandings on any sort of privacy issue with TOUIBA can be discussed and resolved at best. You can submit the complaint to the concerned department via e-mail.

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