Jewelry is the lifetime legacy of pride and value. Every piece of the precious ornament will have an emotional story bounded in love and care. What could add more glitter than a gentle touch and soft pat on your much-loved items???

Jewelry care is an emotional task. When the physical and emotional value makes it precious, much more on storage and care is inevitable for each ornament. No matter what you possess, a piece of gold, diamond, pearl, or any; the more care you give the more they last shining. We wish for those stars in the client’s eyes, with every time use of our product. We advise all of our clients to systematically store and handle each product. The following jewel care guidelines are added to help our beloved clients to care for their pieces of jewelry.

Tips to add more life for your jewelry items

• Use a safe jewelry box and store each ornament separately wrapped or packed in it’s on boxes or soft clothes.
• Never store gold, gold plated, silver, diamond, etc. in the same box. Always prefer exclusive and individual storage to avoid scratching and tangling.
• Never expose the jewelry to chemical/sunlight/cleaning agents.
• Always use mild cleaning agents.

To help protect the durability and high-quality of all kinds of jewelry, we suggest the following:



Nothing is fascinating than the beauty of women with yellow metal!! Careful handling and storage of gold ornaments will never depreciate its value over time. Unnecessary scratches and tangling may cause serious damages to finish and may lead to breakage or weaken.

• Never use gold ornaments during the shower, swimming, workouts, etc.
• Never expose gold jewelry to direct sunlight, chemicals, etc.
• Always use soap solution, lukewarm water, and clean water to clean the jewelry
• Use a lint-free cloth to dry and polish



Gold plated ornaments add the pride with the indefinable and celestial coating of the yellow metal. Regular care is inevitable to hold the fine finish of gold polish on plated ornaments. To prolong the life of these jewelry pieces, we recommend to:

• Store the gold plated ornaments individually to avoid scratching and rubbing on one another
• Avoid using ornaments during shower, workouts, and swimming
• Keep away from perfumes and cosmetics
• The wear over time has to be maintained with timely polishing



Who doesn’t love the sacred magical power of mystically colored gemstones? The love for this valuable and expensive pieces stay prolonged how much care you give for it. Gemstones are usually highly vulnerable to dirt absorption and lead to chipping.

• Clean transparent crystalline gemstones only with a mixture of gentle soap and lukewarm water.
• Pat dry with a lint-free cloth to bring back the crystalline shining
• If any dirt or suspected exposure of cosmetics, use a very soft brush and gently rub the stone.
• Never store gemstones with other ornaments, that may attract scratches.
• Regular care and cleaning will retain the glamour of gemstones



Pearl collections always stand out as a wondrous piece of uniqueness. As Pearls are organic and sensitive, routine care and careful storage will add more life. To preserve the radiance of your pearl jewelry, we suggest the following:

• Wipe pearls with a very soft cloth after each wearing.
• Avoid wearing pearls in chlorinated or hot soapy water.
• Avoid contact with chemicals such as hairspray or perfumes as it will cause serious damage.
• If pearls are exposed to the above, wipe over with a soft cloth to remove the residue.
• Avoid storing pearls for a long time.
• Store in a cool and dark place, Pearls need a little moisture to avoid drying out.

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