Our Story


Getting more than one home to grow passion and love towards the most adorable dream is rare. Exploring the story of a fighter who has fought to attain her passion for Being independent in life with every opportunity she gets through!!

From the land of rich cultures and amazing hospitality, she was raised as a bundle of hope and inspiration with a defined uncommon personality. To follow the path of success is okay, but to pave a unique one is really courageous!!

“Fight hard until you reap on”- and she did it. It was the beginning of a great journey when this young vibrant lady decided to fight for her dreams in the world’s most promising business destination. Dubai was her choice to cultivate dreams and desires. At the age of 18, she started knitting on the dreams, typically hard for a girl of the middle-class family background, with spiritual in-fights.

“Spread sparkling love with the Touiba collections- Each unique piece of us has a different story of love. Get your loved ones glorified with the pride and honor of exclusive designs!!”


The best ingredient was yet to add more flavor of passion to her life. Dubai’s business market was moulding better opportunities for her, like being a front runner of an existing jewelry brand in dubai, which gave abundant experience in the field of jewelry from were she found her ability and discovered her love and affection in the treasured jewelry world.

The desire and will to work on magic metal and precious stones added more confidence and courage, which urged her to start her own jewelry line.

The greater sense of fashion, creativity, dexterity, and attention to trends had shaped her to best fit to this field. Leaning more to the world’s popular gold market Dubai, her dream and passion energized her much and she could possess a unique stamp of designs and styles that can get exclusively released through her venture, which reflects her thoughts and encouragement to make every women empowered with beauty and happiness.

Here comes the brand “Touiba” exclusively dedicated to every women who appreciate their value in life.

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