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TOUIBA – Bringing unique designs with superfect elegance and sparkle!!!

TOUIBA is an online jewelry platform established to deliver a brand specialized in 18kt gold jewelry, natural precious stones, and diamonds. We are focusing to be the outstanding diamond and gold Jeweler across Middle East Countries. TOUIBA delivers fine quality precious products in unique and diverse styles and designs. The brand caters with audacious and iconic designs of simple daily jewelry to stunning and luxurious collections, that could reflect the inner beauty of every woman.

With a unique and creative hub of designers and jewelry consultants, TOUIBA strives to deliver each piece of gold and combining brilliant beautiful, and brilliant –craft and design ideas. We have enriched our collections with a wide array of designs among gold, diamond, and precious stone accessories. We deliver not only the precious product but a symbol of a deeper sense of affection and love. All of our versatile products speak on the value earned when worn by the person for whom it is made for… And that’s what TOUIBA loves!!!

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What’s worthier than celebrating Love??

And, how love can be celebrated without precious ones!!
With greater passion and intimacy with the designer pieces of jewelry and precious stones, we are getting established among the key players in GCC’s gold and diamond industry. The sparkle and the extraordinary beauty with astonishing designs are always fascinating about jewelry and diamonds. TOUIBA deals with all kinds of jewelry made of gold, diamond, and precious stones. Our designers curate every piece with greater love and affection and produce with rare collections that outlast trends and generations.
We work undeniably timeless with each order and, specifically cater to minute preferences. The careful accession to crop the elite pieces, implemented within TOUIBA facilitates with pleasing customer relationship. Being consistent and persistent with the ethical business standards and policies, we always uphold the value for the money put into our own or iconic pieces.

“Get privileged to own your style of ornament- The one that could speak your style. Touiba replicates the beautiful heart out of precious metals and stones. With every design, we speak for the bold and beautiful woman adorned by it!!”


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